i spent some time porting over 22 of the 35 examples that comes with the nice graphical programming environment nodebox to supercollider. (nodebox is based on python and specialises in generative graphics.)
if one compare the code for these examples, i think it is obvious how capable supercollider is for 2d graphics. it's just as simple as nodebox and processing!
well, some more advanced features are missing at the moment - like reading back paths, image manipulation, bindings to coreimage, pdf export etc, but simple interactive 2d and animation sc can handle.

all the ported code lives here...

and also attached as scd.

Binary Data nodebox_examples.scd16.81 KB


here's a class for supercollider that generates perlin noise. i wrote it about a year ago to learn how that works but didn't finish the helpfile until now.

some examples of images made with this class...

and this is an example from the helpfile that gives an overview of some settings of 'persistence vs octaves'. the 8 steps of persistence grows from 0.25 to 0.95 left to right. and octaves grows from 2 to 9 bottom to top.

update 090523: RedPerlin is now part of the redUniverse quark. install it with Quarks.install("redUniverse");

f0blog hacked

sorry this place got hacked and someone overwrote all my media files (snd, pic, vid). i'm travelling atm and it will be a few more weeks until i can access the backup files and restore the archive.
071022 update: ok everything should now be back in place.
071028 update: and now updated to drupal 5.3

loss livecode history from the pub

here i've attached the supercollider history file from my performance at the headphones concert at the livecoding festival in sheffield...
it's a bit embarrassing if you study it more carefully. the use of ~pub near the end is a big mistake for instance. i meant ~out and i don't know what i was thinking there...
you can also look at the file '2007-20-20pub.rtf' for the actual document i used. some comments in there didn't make it to the history file as i forgot to evaluate them.

here are also the notes and statistics from my presentation "Live coding practice" in which i talked about my month worth of practising.

june practice sessions

in preparation for the loss livecode festival in sheffield, i'm doing another month of practice. 1 hour/day, start with an empty document, no third-party classes or ugens and then upload the result here.

this time my sparring partner is photographer and artist she's doing a very nice series of 'star shots'.

in addition to getting my livecoding chops in shape (hopefully), i got commissioned to analyse and present the outcome at the festival. this is a great thing. so the bet with katier provides the pressure, the scheduled talk the deadline for analysis, the upcoming gig the motivation and last the commission pays for one strong coffee at my favourite café each day of the period. what could go wrong?
well, it's summer and i've been working too much as is...

mp3s and code here

low life

attached are three programs that all uses some sort of audiovisual self-referential code in that they synthesise their own syntax.
as i think this only works on supercollider osx i made some short videos...

redWorm from redFrik on Vimeo.

redSnake from redFrik on Vimeo.

redSnail from redFrik on Vimeo.

one can also write custom 'scores' for these programs to perform... (1,1mb) (848kb) (698kb)

note: this code will only work on older osx versions of supercollider (cocoa, <3.6)

Package icon redWorm.zip1000 bytes
Package icon redSnake.zip1.07 KB
Package icon redSnail.zip1.17 KB


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