This is my all-round master for wireless controllers like redUniform and redThermoKontroll. It's a rebuild of my previous redUniform-master. I generalised it, added some buttons, switches and leds and put it into a proper box. I also removed the on-chip ceramic antenna on the Mirf transceiver and replaced it with a socket + a 4inch duck antenna. Now the range of the system is much greater.
The buttons I will use either as additional controllers or as backup controllers if the slave fails during performance. The 4 leds are independently controlled and I imagine using them for visual feedback. Usually I perform with the laptop hidden in the back and the laptop screen turned off. The leds will help to discretely show the status of the piece (form, section, sensor activity etc).

Version3 firmware and schematics attached.

update100721: rewrote the firmware and changed a few things. Also renamed the project. It was previously called redUniform2-master
update100724: added SuperCollider classes to the zip archive