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Custom controller with 5 rotary encoders (endless) with as many push buttons, 2 softpots and 3 touch sensors (capacitive). I use it to control my sound and video software. It is built using the absolutely brilliant avr-usb (now v-usb) from obdev and shows up like a standard HID device. Small, lightweight and just one cable (usb). Plus it is very cheap to build - see parts list. The biggest cost is the encoders.

_firmware and schematics
_class and abstraction for SuperCollider & MaxMSP


Another custom controller with 4 potentiometers, 1 slider, 1 light sensor, 16 pushbuttons and 1 switch. It is also built using the great v-usb (aka avr-usb) from obdev.

_firmware, schematics and partslist
_class and abstraction for SuperCollider & MaxMSP


27 wireless sensorboxes with up to 10 digital inputs and 2 analog outputs (PWM). Built around the Mirf v2 transceiver from Sparkfun which has a range of approximately 80 meters. Firmware written in assembly, radio network in SuperCollider. Specially designed for the installation OrFi (see _musicalfieldsforever.com).

_schematics master
_schematic slave


4 button midi pedal with 62 presets. The buttons send note on-off/on-on and controller data in different combinations or cycle banks. Each preset can have up to 3 banks of settings. Casing&design: Hadrian Prett, Software&electronics by me



Software phrasesampler / loopmachine with a custom hardware controller.



A device for switching four composite video signals. Either pass through signals or take video from the fifth input. This fifth input is normally a black frame and thereby the device is functioning like an on/off switch for the individual four channels. But the fifth input can be any video signal.
The 4 input connectors are red, the common 5th input is yellow and the 4 outputs are black. This box is powered by a 9V AC adapter.



Videoswitch for 4 s-video or 8 composite videosignals. Mainly used for quickly switching between four connected cameras. It needs power from a 9V AC adapter.


CV-MIDI boxesπŸ”—


cv-to-midi / midi-to-cv converter unit. Usage: remote control, installations, analog synths, sensors. Rackmount 19" with 1/4" jacks, 12 inputs (4 analog, 8 digital), 12 outputs (4 analog, 8 digital), midi in/out/thru jacks, 9-12V DC power supply.



Firmware upgrade for f0b4488. Adds software programmability from any midi equipped mac/pc/linux system. Customize what kind of midi data is transferred and scale cv output.


cv-to-midi converter unit. Usage: installations, sensors, custom instruments. 62 inputs (16 analog, 46 digital), 2 midi out jacks, 9-12V DC power supply.



cv-to-midi / midi-to-cv converter unit. Usage: remote control, installations, analog synths, sensors. 3.5mm jacks, 16 inputs (8 analog, 8 digital), 12 outputs (all digital), midi in/out/thru.



Tiny midi circuit with 14 digital in or out.


cv-to-midi16+8 (old)πŸ”—

Customized general-purpose cv-to-midi converters based on the basic stamp 2 microprocessor. Plug in any variable resistance (sensor) and convert it to midi controller data or use the digital inputs to generate note on/off messages. The pictures and schematic below shows one possible setup with 16 analog and 8 digital inputs.


max4 patch screenshot for cv-to-midi16+8