some of my max externals for _pure-data

  • f0.auto_scale - finds minimum and maximum values of a stream of numbers and uses them as input scaling range
  • f0.beats_to_frames - calculates how many [video]frames will fit in x beats
  • f0.construct - a constructive constructor. wanna weave pictures like _these or like _this? connect to a standard 2d graphics object like max's [lcd], jitter's [jit.lcd], softvns' [v.draw] or nato.0+55's [242.qd]
  • f0.distance - calculate the distance between successive (delta) points in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions
  • f0.fmod - floating-point modulo operator
  • f0.fold - fold float and integer numbers to a specified range
  • f0.frames_to_beats - calculates how many beats will fit in x [video]frames
  • f0.gcd - find the greatest common divisor
  • f0.inc_dec_split - detect direction of incoming values and split to different outlets
  • f0.limit_counter - a different counter with floor and ceiling
  • f0.noergaard - per nørgård's infinity series
  • f0.range - finds minimum, middle and maximum values from a stream of values
  • f0.range2 - similar to f0.range but with an added smooth factor
  • f0.ratio - keep width/height proportion
  • f0.round - round values to nearest quantised value
  • f0.slub - generate cpu spikes - disrupt timing version
  • f0.slub~ - generate cpu spikes - audio click version
  • f0.smooth - single exponential smoothing. good for filtering data from sensors
  • f0.smooth2 - double exponential smoothing
  • f0.snap - smooth by snapping
  • f0.tune - an external that "quantise" frequencies
  • f0.wrap - wrap float or integer numbers

version 13-08-10 / freeware(gnugpl) / source & binaries included
_download for osx (142kb)

previous version for win and linux
_download for win (86kb)
_download for linux (50kb)

now also on github



frequency-shift keying for pd-vanilla. written for the _idevice board and user in a _workshop at aho oslo 2011.

  • f0_fsk - encode data as audio

version 11-06-10 / freeware(gnugpl)
_download (2.7kb)

now also on github