site log

180101 updated redga with new helpfiles
171229 converted old generated sc synths rtf files to scd
171223 fixed links to sc and quarks
170227 updated the redKontroll and redKontroll2 sc+max files
160218 more info and pictures on music page
160216 added some recent green pieces to music page
150608 picture of redeem
141016 uploaded more sc workshop material
140913 added redqueen to music page
140810 added proper html5 audio players on the music page
140810 started updating pages to html5
140318 added info about redeem on music page
140226 put up material from notam livecoding sc workshop
140121 uploaded redreadwrite to sc code page
140105 added info about redAlert on music page
130810 added max abstractions f0abs and pd abstractions f0abspd to github
130810 recompiled all my max externals for maxsdk6.1.3 and added to github
130810 updated all my pd externals for osx - now 64+32 bit universal and added to github
130810 bugfix for f0.tune - tonesPerOctave was broken
130702 more minor updates to my max externals f0ext
130630 updated my max externals f0ext for maxsdk6.1.1 with 64/32bit support
130611 finally installed lightbox, audiojs and fixed mp3 and stills on music page + links
130516 added link to udk teaching material on sc page
130311 added f0_fsk pd abstraction from 2011 to pd page
130219 added some info about the pieces 'i like to move it' and 'redo' on music page
130128 fixed some links for ström om the video page
121126 updated anneVideotracking application - now built with max6
121126 redGrain is now a quark and removed from sc page
120922 redmod and redxm updated
120904 f0plugins binaries for linux and updated readme in f0plugins_src with build instructions
120625 added info about the machine listening piece from 2009
120624 added info about two music pieces from 2009-2010 and updated the cvs
120619 some minor changes to AudiovisualProgramming02.html
120527 sc workshopfiles audiovisual programming uploaded
120507 f0plugins binaries for sc3.6 and compile fixes
120212 ported 30 small cinder drawing programs to processing. see java
111209 new quark ease published. easing and tweening for sclang and scserver.
111117 sc workshopfiles from barcelona uploaded
111116 redDefault is no longer a quark. it moved to sc classes page
111024 put up files from spektrografi workshop under sc tutorials
111008 added some new info+photos to music page
110913 put up blackout videoswitch pictures and schematics on hardware page
110803 f0plugins for sc repackaged and updated with 64bit support and new help
110519 put up files from hangar - switch-from-pd workshop
110216 f0.abs updated with f0.atolf, f0.lftoa, f0.ease, f0.efxgate, f0.oitar also new f0.overview
101204 serious bugfix for RedPDU
101106 put up files from hangar - pointillistic sound workshop
100907 repackaged 2 old applications kil and vmk. now as zip archives.
100730 new quark audiomulclock published
100711 recompiled all my sc plugins for 32/64bit intel/ppc (except redinfo)
100630 put up files from nk - particular sound workshop
100505 fixed maxpat empty object bug
091229 updated redinfo - added redaccelerometer wrapper classes
091222 updated f0.ext with f0.ultimate_counter
091027 released reddpcm plugins for sc
091025 released redlbyl plugin for sc
091009 f0.abs updated with f0.key and f0.jit_dimchange2. also new f0.overview
090922 fixed maxpat empty comment bug
090919 first major update to red-framework
090916 fixed maxpat embed bpatcher bug
090909 released redSys as a quark
090728 updates to some sc plugins - pokey, ay8910, nes2, bit.
090727 published f0.pdu mxj and redpdu sc class
090713 maxpat minor fixes
090708 updated f0.abs
090621 updated scitunes, pen3Dtest, particle chamber to sc3.3.1
090526 maxpat - added some more special characters
090525 maxpat bugfix
090517 added red overview that lists works by name space / prefix
090510 redKontroll2 sc classes and max patches online
090408 put up workshop files from pickledfeet - only 1 month late
090317 uploaded redKontroll2 firmware and schematics
090308 updated redinfo to run on osx 10.4
090305 redinfo - some ugens for sc to read sensors on macbooks
090110 redphasor2 and updateds to redphasor
081220 redSampler is now a quark
081218 updated scitunes for sc3.3
081110 renamed cv pages and added a minimal version
081109 bugfixed f0.bounds and uploaded a new f0.abs
081105 updated info and cv pages. added a short cv
081104 bugfixed f0.inc_dec_split and released a new version of f0ext
081026 updated sc classes for redKontroll. hardware page
081009 updated f0.abs and f0.overview
080807 minor updates to redmod and redxm
080712 another update to maxpat. can now generate max5 patches from scratch
080710 updated maxpat. more functionallity and bugfixes
080705 reworked the sc page
080705 new version of maxpat
080704 uploaded maxpat converter to sc page
080618 published red-framework for max/jitter at googlecode. link on max page
080607 updated all my sc plugins with windows binaries
080511 wrote a helper class and an abstraction for redKontroller
080502 added redkontroll info on hardware page
080308 uploaded sc tutorial file
080206 slight update to redmod
071216 some small fixes to redxm and added a jukebox example
071214 finally finished my fasttracker2 class for sc - redxm
071214 oops. no good version of redphasor yesterday. rewrote it
071213 updated redphasor - a sc ugen
071126 slight update to holydopa schematic and uploaded the firmware
071031 fixed scitunes to work again for sc3.1
071029 rearranged a little on the video page
071028 ugraded f0blog to use drupal5.3
071025 added info about orfi to the hardware page
070910 new sid6581 ugen for sc
070811 updated redmod. bugfixes and can now load more formats. thanks to oyuki
070714 wrote some bitwise calculation ugens for sc.
070713 wrote and uploaded the rednoise ugen. finished the ay8910 and uploaded that too.
070712 rewrote my giga sampler from scratch again. now called redsampler but same interface.
070709 finally finished and uploaded my mod player for sc
070708 new astrocade ugen
070707 uploaded the beep ugen
070706 recompiled all my sc ugens as universal binary and wrote a new ugen (sn76489)
070419 linked to yet another supercollider tutorial i had laying around
070418 added some old schematics and pictures to the hardware page
070417 compiled all my sc ugens for intel. (atari2600, mzpokey, nes2, pokey, slub)
070417 new simple supercollider ugen: redphasor. ppc and intel binaries plus sourcecode
070413 again updated my sc server window hack at swiki. now using the gui class
070409 updated f0abs with new abstractions and some bugfixes
070328 updated my supercollider server window hack at swiki
070320 updated the growing_soundsBreedPatternEnv on f0blog which was broken. tiny RedGA help fix
070227 finished porting some nintendo emulation code. uploaded it as sc ugen
070227 tiny but useful update to atari2600 - added rate argument thanks to cylob
070226 ported another pokey emulator to supercollider and posted an update to the slub ugen
070222 ported ron fries pokey emulation code to supercollider
070220 ported ron fries atari2600 emulation code to supercollider
070117 f0.keyboard_layout now universal binary
070116 minor update to almost all of my max and pd externals - less crap in post window
070112 added strom info and pictures on the videopage
070108 updated f0abs with many new abstractions
070107 updated and added new msp externals to f0ext
070103 compiled my max externals as universal binary
061016 linked to f0blog
061005 finally uploaded firmware for my basic stamp cv-to-midi16+8 sensor box - after 5 years
060927 minimal optimisation to the buf.Op hack. removed two + from the for loop
060917 rewrote and uploaded a diskin sampler for sc
060911 put up 31 mp3 files of my august livecoding rehearsals
060905 uploaded updated f0.abs and f0.overview for max and f0.ext for max and pd
060817 some automatically generated synths now at the sc code page
060809 added some more stuff to the sc page
060622 put up my genetics classes for sc
060606 updated f0abs with 3 new abstractions
060515 more updates to max and pd externals. fixed f0.construct bug among other things
060514 all max externals ported to pd. made a pd page and moved some old stuff to other
060510 fixed a bug in f0.round and updated all max externals
060510 put up some sc classes for dealing with cards and playing poker
060509 linked to some simple jitter demo patches i had
060509 added redgrain granulator to supercollider page
060508 updated my max abstractions, overviewpatch and added an objectlist
060507 updated and recompiled my max externals
060504 midilådan - firmware updated with new functions and 18 new presets
060316 pictures of my videoswitch now up on the hardware page
060314 more info and pictures of midilådan
060227 added 2 processing sketches java-page and cleaned up a bit
060208 put up schematics and assembler code for our midi pedal midilådan
060201 updated the buf.op hack on the max page. now it reports when done copying
051228 tiny update to f0.externals for windows. fixed a bug in f0.gcd
051203 added some big dog pictures and info - video page
051016 compiled my max/msp externals for windows
050801 some max java extras on the max page
050703 added supercollider 3d pen extensions and examples
050614 cleaned up and moved the site to before redirected
050519 some stills from japan tour - video page
050327 kil2 major update
050319 vmk classic updated (1.65) - added more keys and bundled the pdf manual
050315 more stills at the videopage
050314 new xmax external f0.keyboard_layout + updated f0.overview
050303 picture of a new midi circuit on the hardware page
050227 new f0.abs and f0.overview. read the readme for list of changes
050203 string formatter class for supercollider uploaded
050202 new cpu spike generator for supercollider
050125 new supercollider utilityclass up
040921 construct2 ported to processing and uploaded to java page
040907 firmware and schematic for f0b80812 uploaded. build it yourself
040831 v.m.k compiled for win xp
040803 some stills uploaded to music, video and installation pages
040526 sc tutorials uploaded
040402 f0.externals updated again
040330 f0.externals, 2 new added: f0.range and f0.range2
040301 f0.externals, f0.abs and f0.overview updated
040226 f0.abs and f0.overview also updated
040226 f0.externals updated and added 5 new ones
040225 all max externals repacked and compiled for xmax
040223 v.m.k compiled for os x
040219 new vst host application uploaded - freeware page
040129 new info - music page
040127 updated holydopa schematic - now the bypass won't click
040126 installation page added new pictures from roskilde
030801 video and info pages updated
030731 updated javascript and 2 of the java applets
030612 max overview patch by dlf:telco.sys uploaded - thanks
030429 small updates - hardware, music, info and video pages
030130 nato-jitter bridge externals uploaded
030107 installations page added and some new info
030103 f0.abs updated
021021 hardware page updated
021017 f0.abs updated
020826 v.m.k. user guide updated
020711 hardware page updated
020519 f0.abs - 3 new line abstractions
020515 f0.abs - fixed nasty bug in f0.auto_scale
020505 v.m.k userguide uploaded
020419 f0.abs - f0.fquantize bugfix
020412 minor updates to some max help files
020411 f0.abs updated
020408 new gocart videoclip
020331 new info - music page
020308 minor updates
020206 new external - f0.snap
020206 f0.smooth and f0.smooth2 - minor fix
020201 f0.abs updated
020116 f0.abs updated
020115 f0.abs updated
020115 f0.smooth updated
020115 new external - f0.smooth2
020113 f0.abs updated
020112 new external - f0.smooth
020109 f0.abs updated
020107 more supercollider stuff
020103 f0.miniseq2 - bug fix
011231 f0.abs updated
011210 f0.abs updated
011209 f0.abs updated
011205 f0.abs updated
011204 new max-abstractions available
011106 added helpfiles for make-envelopes
011106 v.m.k. updated
011103 new info - music page
011015 site relocated - check your bookmark!
011013 midi controller schematic added
011007 new java applet
011004 all max-externals updated and recompiled
010919 continuing_seizures removed
010913 v.m.k. updated
010911 new supercollider patch
010910 v.m.k. updated
010902 new info - video page
010828 v.m.k. updated
010822 new supercollider patch
010818 site relocated - check your bookmark!
010817 new hardware page
010817 en-samma remake
010816 more links
010816 new supercollider page
010721 v.m.k. updated
010614 new external - f0.nørgård
010610 f0.fold - init argument bug fixed
010609 new video - 'deltid'
010608 new external - f0.%
010604 v.m.k. updated
010530 minor fixes
010528 more background pictures
010526 new video - 'en-samma'
010525 site now works properly with netscape
010524 changed media playback plugin from flash to quicktime
010524 minor fixes
010523 major update - new look and feel
010522 f0.tune, f0.distance, f0.fold, f0.gcd - minor fixes
010505 new log
010505 f0.gcd now handles lists
010505 new external - f0.gcd
010502 new external - f0.fold