the green namespace:

biopump a piece commissioned by ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics. using the 3dmin pushpull instrument. premiered at globale, zkm kubus karlsruhe 5 feb 2016 > >
green fall endlessly falling sounds and graphics solo performance. premiered at liebig12, nov2016. also performed at udk in berlin and in zilina, slovakia.
green meter current meter with supercollider class for measuring power consumption on the milliamp range.
greenpeace supercollider class for audio clipping detection. >
greenscreen modular vj system (maxmspjitter). live patching/coding.
green washing audiovisual piece for ir camera and emf coil. premiered at ackerstadt palast, may2019
little green men an audiovisual piece for flugelhorn, video and synthetic sound. premiered at kontraklang, heimathafen berlin 12 dec 2015 >
the green era an audiovisual piece. premiered at kontraklang, heimathafen berlin 12 dec 2015. also performed at anglia university cambridge apr 2016 > >