the red namespace:

redAlert a piece with hundreds of led lamps. in collaboration with jenny michel. premiered at the sound of stockholm 2013 festival > > >
redAscii sc classes for ascii graphics. > >
RedAsciiAmplitude, RedAsciiMeter, RedAsciiScope, RedAsciiSpectrum
redCards sc classes. deals with playing cards >
RedCard, RedDeck, RedHand, RedPoker
RedConstruct sc class. a constructive constructor. performs generative drawings and sound > >
RedDefault sc class. a hacked default synth > >
RedDPCM sc ugens. differential pulse-code modulation >
RedDPCMdecode, RedDPCMencode
RedDTMF sc class. dual-tone multi-frequency signaling >
RedEarth sc class. remote control of google earth >
redEel low life >
redeem an audiovisual piece for horn. commissioned by sören hermansson > > >
RedExcel sc class. string length fixation >
red-framework dynamic modular patch creation system. mainly for jitter > >
redCore, redJfad, redJgen, redJmix, redJmod, redJout, redKfad, redKgen, redKmix, redKmod, redKout, redMfad, redMgen, redMmix, redMmod, redMout
redFB audiovisual performance system built on a/v feedback. performed live in sweden, germany and japan.
RedFolderGUI sc class. patch launcher utility >
redFrik alias for a lot of music related work/performances. performed live in sweden, norway, uk, germany, holland, japan, mexico > > > >
redFrikKamera hardware. 4 channel video switch >
redGA sc classes for genetic algorithms >
RedGA, RedGAGenome, RedGAPhenome
redGrain sc quark for granular synthesis >
RedGrain, RedGrain2, RedGrainController, RedAGrain, RedKGrain, RedBuffer
RedGUI gui library for processing >
redig video server with osc control. video sampling, imageunits, shaders, analysis and tracking. client written in supercollider.
redInfo sc ugens that read battery, light, motion sensors etc > >
RedInfoBat, RedInfoLmu, RedInfoSms, RedInfoSms2, RedInfoSms3, RedAccelerometerX, RedAccelerometerY, RedAccelerometerZ
RedKeyboard sc class. trigger stuff from computer keyboard
redKontrollers custom usb hardware controllers > > > > >
f0.redkontroll, RedKontroll, f0.redkontroll2, RedKontroll2, RedRotaryEncoder
RedLbyl sc ugen. look before you leap >
redLeech low life >
redMaggot low life >
RedMOD sc class. mod tracker file reader >
redMond sc synthdef for 1h/day pact. also sc class >
redMst sc quark, a sort of timeline, master controller for patterns etc > >
RedTrk, RedTrk2, RedMst, RedMstGUI, RedMstGUI2, RedMstGUI3, RedTrk, RedTrk2, RedSeq, RedGrandMst
RedNato sc class. startup piruette
RedNoise sc ugen. a really bad pseudo-random noise generator >
RedO a piece for ensemble and computer graphics. commissioned by pärlor för svin. performed in sweden and in australia. >
RedPDU sc class. decode mobile phone text messages (sms) > > >
RedPhasor sc ugens. phasors that can loop >
RedPhasor, RedPhasor2
redQueen audiovisual system > >
redSampler sc quark > > >
RedSampler, RedDiskInSampler, RedDiskInSamplerGiga, RedDiskInPlayer, RedLoop, RedLoopDisk
redShift noise/beats live set. performed in uk, sweden, germany, norway, mexico. > > > >
redSnail low life >
redSnake low life >
redSys sc quark. performance system / tools >
redEffects, RedEffectsRack, RedEffectsRackGUI, RedGUI, RedGUI2, RedMatrixMixer, RedMatrixMixerGUI, RedAbstractMix, RedMix, RedMixGUI, RedMixMono, RedMixStereo, RedMixStereoMono, RedMixer, RedMixerChannel, RedMixerChannelGUI, RedMixerGUI, RedAbstractModule, RedEffectModule, RedEffectModuleGUI, RedInstrumentModule, RedInstrumentModuleGUI, RedSFPlayer, RedSFPlayerDisk, RedTapTempoGUI, RedTempoClockGUI, RedTest, RedALF, RedArduino, RedBase64, RedBencode, RedBitStream, RedBMP, RedGIF, RedHarmonicTree, RedHuffman, RedIntelHex, RedInterpolator, RedDifferentialManchesterCode, RedDifferentialManchesterCodeNegative, RedLZ77, RedLZ78, RedLZSS, RedLZW, RedManchesterCode, Redraw, RedRLE, RedTime, RedToolsMenu, RedTween, RedAutoScale, RedComb, RedDelay, RedDestroyer, RedDTMF, RedFrik, RedDirection, RedImpulse, RedLFSR4, RedLFSR4BitStream, RedLine, RedLive, RedOnePole, RedOverdub, RedRamp, RedSequencer, RedSequencer2, RedSlide, RedStereo, RedStereo2, RedTapeRecorder
redThermoKontroll wireless hardware controller >
redTie for craftwife. wireless hardware > > > >
RedTieMaster, RedTieSlave
redUniform audiovisual performance piece. includes a costume with wireless sensors hardware. performed in sweden, germany, spain and japan. > > > > >
RedUniform, RedUniformTest, RedUniform2, RedUniform2GUI
redUniverse sc quark. framework for audiovisual experiments > > > > > >
RedSpring, RedFingerprint, RedVector, RedVector2D, RedVector3D, RedUniverse, RedWorld, RedObject, RedHiddenObject, RedParticle, RedBoid, RedAgent, RedRock, RedFood, RedPendulum, RedSystem, RedParticleSystem, RedWaveSystem, RedFlockSystem, RedCA, RedLSystem, RedLTurtle, RedMRCM, RedIFS, RedPerlin, RedKMeans, RedWindow, RedJWindow
redWirelessMaster hardware. general purpose master for wireless controllers like redUniform and redThermoKontroll. >
redWorm low life >
RedXM sc class. a .xm file player / ft2 tracker >