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01 alias for visual experiments. collaborating with a multitude of performance artists, dancers, composers and improvising musicians.

for years i used and developed my own program called 'torsdag'. it was built mainly with nato.0+55+3d, but also had some jitter and softvns2 in it. here's a _screenshot. the program got exposed to quite some wear - all the performances, the many nice collaborations and all those strange circumstances/venues i performed in - all made permanent marks in the software. i believe there wasn't a single performace for which i didn't tweak something. i sometimes still use it for vj gigs. it's a bit _rough here and there but also has its more _well planned parts beneath the surface.

_1 _2 _3 m e m o, kulturhuset, stockholm 050223
_1 _2 _3 all-ears, kulturhuset, stockholm 050114
_1 _2 _3 tunar, ausland, berlin 040616
_1 m e m o, kulturhuset, stockholm 031206

these days i develop and use 'onsdag' for most of my visual work. it is a complete rewrite and extension of 'torsdag'. it runs on os x / jitter.

klipp av

audiovisual experiments and realtime synchronised source manipulation. duo with nick collins.
london, tokyo, berlin, amsterdam, newyork, stockholm, helsinki, copenhagen, sydney...

dates and demos at our website

here's an old _example (14mb) and stills from some gigs we've done.
a youtube live clip: _icmc2007 copenhagen
_1 _2 _3 _4 _5 _6 _7 _8 _9 klipp av, japan tour april-may 05
_1 _2 _3 _4 klipp av, westroad, cambridge 050221
_1 _2 klipp av, ultrasound04, huddersfield 041126
_1 _2 klipp av, state51, london 041125
_1 _2 klipp av, tank, new york 040507
_1 _2 klipp av, subtonic, newyork 040430


video for mattias petersson's fantastic piece of music.

"STRÖM is a 45 minute minimalistic piece for five loudspeakers, live-electronics and live-video, based on an open-minded, artistic approach towards electricity"

dvd release by fyrec (fydvd 1002, 2008)
also part of the dvd compilation: sound art iv - the swedish scene (stim/svensk musik, 2009)

more info... _here and _here is a short version.

strom10 strom11 strom14 strom16 strom17

l'orchestre disparu

trio with anne pajunen (voice+viola+electronics), anna svensdotter (flutes) and me (projections)

_1 _2 _3 l'orchestre disparu, blank pages, norrlandoperan, umeå 061115-16
_1 _2 _3 _4 l'orchestre disparu, fylkingen, stockholm 060114
_1 _2 _3 _4 _5 _6 l'orchestre disparu, fylkingen, stockholm 030315

a big dog in a small package

trio with sabine vogel (flute+electronics), mattias petersson (sound processing) and me (projections)

see videos _here

a big dog trio a big dog trio
fylkingen, stockholm. photo: sören runolf

a big dog
mug, münchen, photo: f0

_1 _2 _3 _4 _5 a big dog in a small package, ausland, berlin 051127
_1 a big dog in a small package, norbergfestival 040730
_1 _2 _3 a big dog in a small package, fylkingen, stockholm 040414


trio with per åhlund (sounds&editing), mathias josefson (sounds&editing) and me (videos&live-visuals)
dates and demos at our website and also
cd 'solstice city' out april 2009 on glacial movements

eskilstuna standmuseum, photo: sören runolf


flute-video duo with anna svensdotter.
custom wireless controller _kretsloppKontroll

at sound art weekend. gerlesborgsskolan sep 2009, photo: f0