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Simple video tracking that splits up the camera input in twelve sections/zones and sends out osc and midi data, and can trigger and control soundfiles and/or live audio input. Built with max/msp/jitter version 7. See also here and here for more details.

version 4 / req. macintosh macOS / freeware
download (134.4mb)

old version 1.1 / req. macintosh osX / freeware
download (15.7mb)


VST host application with advanced routing, presets and mouse+keyboard control.


version 2.3 / req. macintosh osX / freeware
download (1.8mb)

v.m.k (virtual midikeyboard)🔗

Design/graphics/manual: Hadrian Prett, programming: me
This application lets you simulate a midi keyboard on your computer qwerty keyboard. For laptop-users on the run tired of 'clicking' or 'drawing' their music in midi-sequencers and notation programs. Use keys [<] or [>] to change octave and arrow keys left/right for chromatic transposition.

The layout is as follows:
  W   E      T   Y   U      O   P      ]
A   S   D  F   G   H   J  K   L   ;  '   \
vmk screenshot

version 1.65 / req. macintosh ppc os8-9 / freeware download classic (809kb)
version 1.6 osx / req. macintosh osX / freeware download osX version (865kb)
version 1.6 win / req. windows xp / freeware download win-xp version (1.9mb)