30 little daily exercises originally written in Cinder C++. Here ported to p5.js. See Pact - Februari.

pakt1 pakt2 pakt3 pakt4 pakt5 pakt6 pakt7 pakt8 pakt9 pakt10 pakt11 pakt12 pakt13 pakt14 pakt15 pakt16 pakt17 pakt18 pakt19 pakt20 pakt21 pakt22 pakt23 pakt24 pakt25 pakt26 pakt27 pakt28 pakt29 pakt30
pakt. 30 little daily exercises with graphics and SuperCollider sound.

Some sketches🔗

eco1 eco2 eco3
eco (2010). As described in Flake - 'The Computational Beauty of Nature' (page 191)
trails1 trails2 trails3
trails. Originally written in Processing 2006.
construct2_3d1 construct2_3d2 construct2_3d3
construct2_3d. Drawings from 2003. Originally written in Java.
construct21 construct22 construct23
construct2. Drawings from 2001. Originally written in Java.