Max ExternalsπŸ”—


Some externals for Max

Available on Several have been ported to JavaScript (the [js] object in Max). See

version 13-08-10 / (GNU GPL) / source & binaries included.

previous version for OS9, Max4 and Max5.


Get and set keyboard layout and input method. OSX only.

version 1.1 / (GNU GPL) / source & binaries included.

f0.jit2n2 / f0.n22jitπŸ”—

Bridge objects for peace and understanding. Converts data between nato.0+55 and jitter. OS9 only.

version 1.0

Max AbstractionsπŸ”—


Framework for stacking, chaining and mixing Max/Jitter patches. Been working on it since 2006 and now contains >100 modules. Hosted at Download via SVN.


A bunch of abstractions that someone might find helpful including:

Latest version available on

version 11-02-16

previous version for OS9.


Seven abstractions that create different kinds of envelopes. Perfect for grain synthesis. Including ADSR, Blackman, curve, Gauss, Hamming, Hanning, trapezoid.

version 01-11-06

Max Java ClassesπŸ”—


Some Java classes for Max.

version 09-07-27 / (GNU GPL) / source included

buf.Op extrasπŸ”—

With this copyFrom method, you can select and copy into a MaxMSP buffer at any position. To install open the Java source code for buf.Op from within max with 'viewsource'. Then paste this code at the end of that document - just before the last closing curly bracket. Save, press CMD+K and click compile. Last restart MaxMSP. Notice that this will be overwritten whenever you update Max.

//redFrik 050513, 051128, 060927
public void copyFrom(String frombuf, long destoffset) {
  copyFrom(frombuf, destoffset, 0);
public void copyFrom(String frombuf, long destoffset, long srcoffset) {
  long length= MSPBuffer.getSize(frombuf);
  copyFrom(frombuf, destoffset, srcoffset, length-srcoffset);
public void copyFrom(final String frombuf, final long destoffset, final long srcoffset, final long srcsize) {
  MaxSystem.deferLow(new Executable() {
    public void execute() {
      int channels= MSPBuffer.getChannels(frombuf);
      for(int i= 1; i<=channels; i++) {
        MSPBuffer.poke(bufname, i, destoffset, MSPBuffer.peek(frombuf, i, srcoffset, srcsize));
      outlet(0, "done");

and here is a little example patch...

Miscellaneous Max StuffπŸ”—


Browser patch for all my objects. By courtesy of dlf:telco.sys

version 11-02-16

(see also


Optional file for my externals and abstractions. Drop in Cycling '74/init/ folder

version 08-10-09


Jitter - simple demo patches made for a presentation at Fylkingen, Stockholm, March 2004


This Lisp function creates an ASCII overview of a Max patch's structure, send/receive symbols, variables and third-party externals and abstractions.

  1. save a Max patch "as text..."
  2. load and evaluate the lisp file
  3. enter "(maxpatch-overview)" in the Lisp listener and press enter
  4. find and open the saved Max patch when prompted
  5. see how patches are built, which variables are in use (send, receive, value) and which third-party externals/abstractions that are utilized

version 01-04-22 / req. Lisp interpreter (MCL)