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Also see my blog:supercollider and blog:livecoding.

SuperCollider is anΒ open source object orientatedΒ realtime audio synthesis programming language that runs efficiently across platform. Below is some of my work for it in form of classes and plugins.

I also have code published as quarks (AudioMulchClock, Bjorklund, Ease, PopUpTreeMenu, redGrain, redMst, redSampler, redSys, redUniverse, sInstruments, TraerPhysics, UGenPatterns) and here sccode.org/fredrik-olofsson and here sccode.org/redFrik.

SuperCollider ClassesπŸ”—


A hacked default synth. Note: this class will overwrite your default synth at recompile. Though it is easy to undo and get back to normal. See the accompanying help file for info. Used to be a quark.

download (9kb)
more info


Class for decoding mobile phone text messages (sms).

download (5kb) version 101204.
more info


Class for generating, parsing, manipulating and converting max/msp 5 files.

download (24kb) version 100505.
more info


A complete ft2 compatible tracker that can parse and play back .xm files (extended module).

download (17kb) version 120922.


A class that can parse and play back .mod files. Also works as a [glitch] tracker.

download (42kb) version 120922.


Deal with playing cards.

download (8kb) version 060510.


Class for formatting strings.

download (3kb) version 050203.


This utility class keeps track of documents in a folder. I use it like a quicklauncher.

link version 050128.


Genetic algorithms. Breed synths in SuperCollider. Includes RedGAPhenome for translating an array of floats into a SynthDef.

download (20kb)
more info


Pattern class for 1D cellular automata.

more info


Low-level code sharing. download (8kb) version 140121.

SuperCollider Class ExtensionsπŸ”—


Extension for beatmatching, interpolation, synchronisation.



3D extension for the Pen class.

link examples scItunes

server window hackπŸ”—


SuperCollider Plugins/UGensπŸ”—


Some externals for SuperCollider

Also see https://github.com/redFrik/f0plugins/releases

current versions:
download f0plugins-signed 200127 (283kb) (signed 64 bit binaries for macOS Catalina - courtesy of @joshpar)
download f0plugins 180114 for sc3.9 and newer (131kb) (64 bit binaries for macOS)

previous versions:
download f0plugins for sc3.6 and newer (230kb) (64 bit binaries for OSX, should work for sc 3.6 - 3.8)
download f0plugins for sc3.5 and earlier (272kb) (32/64 bit binaries for OSX, should work for sc 3.3 - 3.5)
download f0plugins_old_binaries (869kb) (binaries for OSX 10.5 and Windows)


Old plugins. Bitwise calculations for sc synth (BitAnd, BitLeftShift, BitNot, BitOr, BitRightShift, BitUnsignedRightShift, BitXor).

download (89kb) (osx ub + win binary + source)

Note: SuperCollider version 3.5 now has native support for bitwise operations on ugens, so you can use &, |, bitXor, >>, <<>. My bit plugins are only provided here for backwards compatibility. Do not use them for new projects!

Other SuperCollider WorkπŸ”—


A collection of instruments written in collaboration with Tamas Ungvary.


generated synthsπŸ”—

Synths generated using the RedGAPhenome class: n_noises and n_fmsynths.
More info and mp3 excerpts here.

Synths genereted by other means: n_fm7patches (req. Stefan Kersten's FM7 plugin from SC3-plugins).
More info and mp3 excerpts here.

tiny piecesπŸ”—

1hour live coding practice, aug2006 link mp3s

1hour live coding practice, jun2007 link mp3s

1hour coding practice - with the restriction to use only one SynthDef, apr2009 link

SuperCollider TutorialsπŸ”—

audiovisual programming, udkπŸ”—

Teaching material for my AudiovisualProgramming lectures 2009-2018. Mainly SuperCollider but also examples in Unity, Puredata, Arduino and Processing.

livekode lydπŸ”—

Material from a livecoding SuperCollider workshop organised by notam. Oslo, february 2014.

LivekodeLyd1.scd LivekodeLyd2.scd LivekodeLyd3.scd LivekodeLyd4.scd LivekodeLyd5.scd


Material from a SuperCollider workshop held at UdK Berlin oct 2013.

Also see a video here.

audiovisual programming / mapping and visualizationπŸ”—

Part of sonic seminars 2012. A SuperCollider workshop organised by lullcec. Barcelona, may 2012. Course outline here.

AudiovisualProgramming01.html AudiovisualProgramming02.html AudiovisualProgramming03.html

practical sound analysisπŸ”—

Part of sonic seminars 2011. A SuperCollider workshop organised by lullcec. Barcelona, oct 2011. Course outline here.

PracticalSoundAnalysis01 PracticalSoundAnalysis01examples PracticalSoundAnalysis02 PracticalSoundAnalysis02examples PracticalSoundAnalysis03 PracticalSoundAnalysis03examples PracticalSoundAnalysisExtras


Generating sounds that look good. A SuperCollider workshop organised by skaneskonst. MalmΓΆ, oct 2011.



A one-day SuperCollider workshop organised by lullcec. Held at Hangar, Barcelona, may 2011.


pointillisticsound soundπŸ”—

A practical seminar on granular sound synthesis with SuperCollider. A workshop organised by lullcec. Held at Hangar, Barcelona, oct 2010.


particular soundπŸ”—

An in-depth look at granular sound synthesis using the free and open-source programming environment SuperCollider. A workshop held at nk jun 2010.


audiovisuals with scπŸ”—

Files from a workshop held at pickledfeet mar 2009.



SuperCollider study group at IAMAS, Japan. Every friday afternoon, jul-nov 2008. notes, tutorials, examples here (in both english and japanese)


A one-day workshop focusing on the free software SuperCollider and why programming with syntax can be both easier and far superior to the graphical ditto (a.k.a. patching). From a workshop held at pickledfeet mar 2008.



Aimed to quickly produce some nice sounds using various {}.play tricks and the tdef class. From a workshop held at pickledfeet mar 2007.


beginner tutorialsπŸ”—

Focusing on ugens and jitlib. From a two day course organised by ems, Stockholm may 2004.

download (18kb)

Older SuperCollider 2 Stuff (Mac OS9 only)πŸ”—

idm - summer courses sc2πŸ”—

Tutorials written by Nick Collins and me for the idm02 summercourse are available here


Version 010809 / req. sc2 download (2kb)


Version 010816 / req. sc2 download (1kb)


Version 010822 / req. sc2 download (2kb)


Version 010911 / req. sc2 download (2kb)


Version 011215 / req. sc2 download (1kb)

attack of the mutant pigsπŸ”—

Version 020104 / works with both sc2 and sc server download (115kb)