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2010-11-27 03:36 supercollider

clean-up #12:

This is a live patch for 4-channel sound written for a friend some time ago. To fully function it expects that you have an external soundcard with 4 inputs (mics) and 4 outputs (speakers) connected. The idea is to be able to route the sound from any of the inputs to any of the outputs and do all kinds of crossfades and mixes in between.

There are two areas with sliders that are used to do the 4x4 routing. One can also record the resulting quad output to disk and play it back, or use previously recorded quad files. There is also a sampler with 28 voices that can be triggered with the computer keyboard (keys A-Z). Additional features include MIDI learn (controllers) plus a preset system that can read and write to disk. Keys '0-9' with and without capslock recall presets while shift-clicking one of the preset buttons in the GUI stores the current setting. With the lag time, one can make all the changes smooth - it interpolates over x seconds.

Attached is the complete code for the program. Sorry for the ugly interface.

It has been tested on SC 3.4 on a OSX with both Cocoa and SwingOSC and should run cross-platform.



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