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2023-07-09 21:53 electronics

This board is built around the ESP-WROOM-32 DEV KIT module and has 20 pulse-width modulation outputs. These outputs can be controlled wirelessly via Open Sound Control (OSC) or using the serial port (micro USB cable). Examples of usage: dim high power LEDs, control the speed of DC motors, turn on and off solenoids. Supply voltage between 7V and 36V, duty-cycle resolution is 10-bits and the frequency adjustable from 1 Hz to about 70 kHz.

The last four outputs (16-19) are bit-banged. That means they have some jitter and will not be as stable in frequency as the other outputs (0-15). Also the bit-banged ones can not go above 1 kHz, but for most applications they will function good enough.

The MOSFETs are powerful and all connections on the backside are tinned extra thick, so they will be able to drive quite a few amps.

f0pwm photo top f0pwm photo bottom

Schematics, firmware and SuperCollider + MaxMSP example code attached.

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