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2011-04-25 11:33 electronics

Things to do with an iPod case... Instead of throwing it away, I took some spare parts and built a new synth based on my monijonsyn2. The new synth has a push-button and one can now step through a few different programs. And the 2-way switch set different 'modes'. In this 1.0 version, there is only 3 programs and 2 modes.

The programs basically just map the 3 analogue inputs differently, and the modes switches left/right output channels.

It's very cheap and easy to build. 2 AA-batteries provide power, the inputs are 3 touchpoints, 2 potentiometers, 1 button and a combined on/off/mode switch. All the sound generation (2 PWM pins) and program logic happen inside the 8bit AVR ATmega8 chip and the code is easy to hack (see main.c in the zip below).

Todo: add more fun programs to the firmware

monijonsyn3 photo1 monijonsyn3 photo2 monijonsyn3 photo3 monijonsyn3 photo4
monijonsyn3 schematics

Simple one-bit synthesizer based on the ATmega8 chip. On the top are 3 touchpoints that influence the sound.


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