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Nato to Jitter Bridge Object - For Peace and Understanding

2014-09-24 08:00 other

clean-up #31:

31jan 2003 I released two MaxMSP objects that could convert video from Jitter to nato and back. Jitter is the official library for doing video and graphics in MaxMSP. But before that was nato, or more precisely Nato.0+55+3d. Nato was a totally amazing piece of software and with it you could do similar things as with Jitter. It was mac OS9 only but super poetic and unique in all kinds of ways. I used it a lot for my live video works (klipp av tours, VJ-ing etc) and played my last gig using it as late as 2007 (at club Maria in Berlin). I still miss playing with it.

The binary OS9 objects themselves have been available for download since 2003, but I never released the C source code.

As I wasn't so good with C back then, it took weeks for me to reverse engineer the nato video format. Lots of trial-and-error using Metrowerk's CodeWarrior.

Releasing the objects to the public was scary. I risked losing my software license. n.n., the author of nato, was notorious for humiliating and threatening nato users online. And even terminating licenses if one said the wrong thing in public. One of the replies I got after the release was "!m go!ng 2 eat u". See plot.bek.no/pipermail/55/2003-March.txt. And another one was plot.bek.no/pipermail/55/2003-June/005486.html. Luckily my license didn't stop working.


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