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OpenBCI WiFi Shield DIY

2019-01-13 13:28 electronics

Here is how I built my own WiFi shield for the OpenBCI Cyton and Ganglion boards. The total cost was less than €10.

See the schematic.

On the white adapter board, I first removed the 0K resistor link in the middle (R2). Then I cut the two tracks that run from VCC to the left-hand side 10K resistor (R3). Next, I soldered on an NCP1117 on the backside (not visible in the photo) and finally added two 100nF caps.

Last I mounted the ESP+adapter on a Vero board, added male pin headers and the other components and wires.

IMG_20180626_160641 IMG_20180626_160755

It looks very rough but works great. Here are instructions on how to upload firmware and how to use it.

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