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2008-10-11 12:04 air-japan

Tokyo is a tough city. Very high buildings, very many people and very tired office workers near the end of the week.

photo tokyo busy street

Tokyo subway just before closing hour... men in business uniform spread out all over. Too tired or too drunk to go home.

photo tokyo tired office worker photo tokyo high buildings 1 photo tokyo high buildings 2 photo tokyo high buildings 3 photo tokyo plastic food

This would never happen in Europe... (out of order note (I think) on a clock in this small park)

photo tokyo clock photo tokyo signs

Lunch, Tokyo Opera building, 54th floor...

photo tokyo 54th floor view 1 photo tokyo 54th floor view 1 photo tokyo 54th floor view 1

Japan Fire Practice

2008-10-08 14:01 air-japan

Today fire emergency practice day at IAMAS. Finally, I got to see one of these fireboxes/cabinets in action.


A great reason to put on uniforms and bring out the megaphone. There's one uniform of every occasion it seems.

photo fire practice 1 photo fire practice 2 photo fire practice 3

Despite this, I was a little bit disappointed - no special effects or smoke machines. Everybody kept calm and the dummy didn't bounce when they used the defibrillator on its chest.

photo fire practice 4 photo fire practice 5

The defibrillator looks like a speak&spell. It also talks to you and instructs you how to connect the cables - in Japanese only. I'd love to circuit bend one of these.

photo fire practice 6

Toilet Toy

2008-10-08 05:44 air-japan

Silly toys are everywhere. Everything should be cute and should have a mascot/icon. Even serious institutions like banks and insurance companies can't help but use little characters where ever possible. My favourite is a local bank here in Ogaki that uses the Paddington bear as their logo - for no apparent reason and probably without copyright clearance.

Here's a video of a very funny present I got from ap&bi. Tack så mycket.


2008-08-11 05:48 supercollider

RedMst, RedTrk, RedTrk2 and RedSeq are a set of SuperCollider classes that I now finally cleaned up and released. I wrote them about a year ago and have been using them for live performances since then. They function as sort of a timeline and the basic idea is to sequence code in a very simple way.

The master keeps track of when some tracks should play and then switches them on/off with .play and .stop at the right time (next quant beat, default= 4). A track can be any code that responds to these two messages (Pbind, BBCut2, Pdef, Routine, etc).

redMst is distributed as a quark. See Quarks help file for more info on how to install.


and then recompile SuperCollider and open the RedMst help file.

Screenshot of the RedMstGUI3 example...

redMstGUI3 screenshot

But RedMst can of course also be used totally without any GUI.

redUniform - Wireless Hardware

2008-07-21 07:31 electronics

I have constructed a wireless sensor system for my performance costume. It has 2 accelerometers (3-axis ADXL330, SparkFun - same as in the Wii remote I believe) and 4 switches (digital). Both receiver and transmitter use a microcontroller (ATmega8, Atmel) and a transceiver (Mirf v2, SparkFun).

Below is a short video, some pictures, SuperCollider classes and also the schematics and the complete firmware if you want to build the thing yourself.

The AVR programmer (USBtinyISP kit v2.0) and the electronic parts needed...

redUniform electronic parts1 redUniform electronic parts2

The receiver and transmitter...

redUniform circuits1 redUniform circuits2

Sensors are sewn in...

redUniform photo1 redUniform photo2 redUniform photo3 redUniform photo4
ruru 1966



SuperCollider Study Group (SCSG) in Japan

2008-07-20 12:42 supercollider

tn8 and I started weekly meetings for people interested in interactive sound programming using SuperCollider. Here is our wiki with example code and discussion forum. Much of it is in Japanese but the example files should have comments in English.

We meet every Friday at 17.00 for a ~2h session. 2nd floor, new building, IAMAS, Ogaki. Open for everyone.

Also attached the files below...


MaxPat - Max Patch Parser, Converter, Manipulator, Generator

2008-07-20 12:27 supercollider

I wrote a Max5 to Max4 patch converter in SuperCollider. The reason was to get more people to install SuperCollider. So this is software with a hidden agenda.
Download it from the page: /code/sc/#classes. See the readme for installation instructions and info on how the conversion works.

It can also be used to generate, examine, manipulate and process Max5 patches in different ways. Below are some screenshots of patches from the max-examples folder that I manipulated using this class. They might look strange but are fully functional. I just did things like add curly segments to all the patchcords.

MaxPat 1 MaxPat 5 MaxPat 16

red-framework Published on GoogleCode

2008-07-20 11:51 visuals

In June I cleaned up and released my red-framework for managing MaxMSPJitter patches. It is hosted at code.google.com/p/red-framework/ and you can get it via anonymous SVN checkout.

The framework is for stacking, chaining and mixing MaxMSPJitter patches and shows my way of organising patches. I've been working on/with it since 2006 and it now contains >100 modules. It can handle Jitter, control data, MIDI and also SoftVNS video under Max4.5.

Welcome to join the project if you are interested. It is easy to write your own modules.


(for OSX 10.4 and earlier you'll first need to install SVN separately)

In the terminal type:

svn checkout http://red-framework.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ red-framework-read-only

Then press (p) to accept permanently.

Last, add the red-framework folder to Max's file preferences.

It is licensed under GNU GPL v2 and requires Max5+Jitter for mac OSX. It has not been tested on Windows XP yet but should run.







Pros and cons...

Why use red-framework?

I have made various bigger performance patches using red-framework

Special GUI/Bpatchers for stacks, chains, mixers


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