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My Plugins Available as Windows Binaries

2008-07-20 11:14 supercollider

In June I compiled my tiny collection of plugins for Psycollider. (RedPhasor, RedNoise, Bit, Slub, Atari2600, Pokey etc.) They are available as separate downloads on this page: /code/sc/#plugins.

Extract and put in your userExtensionDir, recompile. Now the RedXM and RedMOD classes also work as they depend on RedPhasor.

And for reference here's my way of compiling UGens under Windows XP...

  1. install mingw (automated installer 5.1.4). Add g++ support.
  2. install pthread (2.8.0). Put it C:\pthreads-w32 or modify the path below.
  3. download SC source and put it C:\SuperCollider-Source or modify the path below.
  4. open command promt and cd to your plugin directory.
  5. g++ -shared -Wno-deprecated -O3 -Wno-unknown-pragmas -DSC_WIN32 -D__GCC__ -D_REENTRANT -DNDEBUG -DSC_MEMORY_ALIGNMENT=1 -IC: \SuperCollider-Source\Headers\plugin_interface -IC:\SuperCollider-Source\Headers\common -IC:\SuperCollider-Source\Headers\server -IC: \SuperCollider-Source\libsndfile -IC:\pthreads-w32 C:\SuperCollider-Source\windows\PlugIns\ExportHelper.cpp -o RedPhasor.scx RedPhasor.cpp

n FM7 Patches

2008-07-07 05:21 supercollider

About letting the computer generate SuperCollider code automatically... Stefan Kersten made a very nice plugin for SuperCollider. It's called FM7 and implements a 6x6 phase modulation oscillator matrix. While trying it out, I wrote some code (pasted in below) that automatically generates parameters for it. So every 8th bar it'll construct a new patch around the FM7. In these patches, the FM7 parameters are UGens with random frequency, phase, range and offset.

At times, I start the generator, lean back and listen. When something good catches my ears, I copy the generated code from the post window. Here are some ok ones I've collected... n_fm7patches and below are MP3 excerpts of the same. But the best ones I, of course, keep to myself.

By randomly generating patches and synths like this I lose a lot of control and time listening to all the generated patches. Most are crap sounding. But on the other hand, the blind randomness sometimes comes up with so strange rhythms and sounds that I never would've been able to think of myself. And the time lost could be minimised using, for instance, genetic algorithms or other types of searches in this huge parameter space.

Get FM7 by installing sc3-plugins.


//--more repetitive 2ch instant clicks 'n cuts with code generation /f0
//when you hear something you like, you can save it by copy&paste from the post window
  var syn, time= 16;  //allow each patch to run for 16sec / 8bars
    ("\n//fm7 patch"+i+"generated on"+Date.localtime).post;
    syn= ("
      var x= #"++({{{1.5.linrand.round(0.5)}!4}!3}!6).asCompileString++";
      var y= #"++({{{1.5.linrand.round(0.5)}!4}!6}!6).asCompileString++";
        var ctls= x.collect{|a| a.collect{|b| LFSaw.kr(*b)}};
        var mods= y.collect{|a| a.collect{|b| LFSaw.kr(*b)}};
        var chans= #[0, 1];
        FM7.ar(ctls, mods).slice(chans)*0.5;

Japanese Fire Patrol

2008-06-13 04:15 air-japan

Last night's activity outside my house...

A fire patrol rehearsal (i think). I enjoyed watching it more like a modern dance piece. It went on for a full hour and looked very strange. It seemed more important how you moved than what you did. as you can see in the video clips below, when they finally roll out the hoses it's very quick and efficient. But then they spend a lot of time rehearsing this odd positioning. nice choreography in any case. I really wonder how it works out in a real-life fire/chaos/danger situation.

Biking to IAMAS

2008-06-11 11:39 air-japan

Some photos while on my way to IAMAS. IAMAS is north of the city centre in a more rural part of Ogaki.

photo ogaki sign photo ogaki crossing photo ogaki street photo ogaki shop photo ogaki street 2 photo ogaki statue

Sake brewery...

photo ogaki brewery

Rice patches everywhere...

photo ogaki rice fields photo ogaki parking lot

Mirrors in the street corners are very helpful. The streets are narrow and the cars don't take much consideration.

photo ogaki mirrors photo ogaki cars photo ogaki canal photo ogaki another rice field photo ogaki more water photo ogaki powergrid

Coffee Machines

2008-06-11 11:24 air-japan

Today, after one week, I finally managed to outsmart the vending machine to give me plain, hot, sugar-free coffee. I tried so many combinations but always ended up with some variation on ice/sugar/milk coffee.

In nearly every street corner there's a vending machine with hot coffee in cans. Have yet to find a brand without sugar in them. The machine I mastered is in the basement of IAMAS. A coffee there is 80 YEN ≈ €0,48 ≈ 4,5 SEK

photo coffee machine


2008-06-11 09:24 air-japan

I already had so much nice and well-prepared food. And it is not so expensive as I feared.

For lunch I go to a diner near IAMAS. Riceballs with sidedish + miso soup + coffee = 750yen ≈ €4,5 ≈ 42sek

goggle maps

ogaki lunch 1 ogaki lunch 2

Also, I had a lot of okonomiyaki of course. One of my favourite Japanese dishes and for my welcoming party, the CMC/IAMAS staff cooked okonomiyaki specially for me. Very nice of them.

It's just slightly problematic to find vegetarian food. So I do eat seafood and fish while I'm here. Also I wouldn't want to miss out on the excellent sushi.

Business Cards

2008-06-11 09:17 air-japan

Business cards are important in Japan. With the new IAMAS one I now got 3 different ones.

photo business card

Fellow Blogger

2008-06-11 09:12 air-japan

Jona from Linz (exhange student here at IAMAS) has been here for some months. He stays at the same place as me and it seems like he already took a lot of the pictures that I'd wanted to take already. Follow his blog at www.sofa23.net/biginjapan.

So many of his pictures/observations would also apply to me. e.g. this post about bikes.

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