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2008-06-11 08:36 air-japan

IAMAS arranged a very nice place for me to stay in. Quite big and with a balcony.

photo ogaki room photo ogaki rist

The coffee machine just outside saved me a few times already.

photo ogaki coffee machine

The place (rist) is in central Ogaki and it takes about 15min on the bike to go to IAMAS. But for me usually a lot longer - there are some many interesting things to stop and look at! And so many small and winding backstreets to explore. Also, I get lost now and then - often on purpose.

Ogaki is perfect for biking around. I just need to concentrate to keep to the left side of the road.

photo ogaki bike

Another thing I seem to be unable to learn is that the water tap in my kitchen open downwards. So I need to pull it up to stop the water flow. Hm, all these little habits you never notice.

photo ogaki kitchen water tap

Long Haul

2008-06-11 08:17 air-japan

Travel is not what it used to be. No glamour, no fun - just painful transportation and a waste of time.

I did my usual trick for long flights: skip sleep the night before. On the plane order a whiskey and then pull the blanket over your head... Crash. You'll wake up for breakfast and it'll feel like morning. Hardly any jetlag. This time I stayed awake for about 30 hours.

After a nice BBQ at k-ita, I spent the last night in Berlin packing and backing up my harddisks. In the morning I did pass out on the flight Berlin-Frankfurt but only for a short moment. As this flight was delayed I was a bit worried, and it turned out I had to run to the gate to catch my flight to Nagoya.

But I got there, my whiskey came and I fell asleep. Unfortunately my seat was next to the toilets and the plane was packed with Japanese tourists (elderly people) that couldn't sit still. So lots of people hanging around just next to me in the aisle. The blanket helped to ignore them.

At Nagoya airport Erin and Yosuke from CMC/IAMAS came to meet me. Of course my big bag hadn't made it and was still in Frankfurt. But I had my wallet, computer and toothbrush so I was fine. The bag came the next day.

So now six months with only 2 bags worth of stuff. Basically just my computer, some cables and adapters and some clothes. What a relive.

photo bags

Thank you ap and bi for the nice bag!

Artist-in-Residence at IAMAS

2008-06-11 06:41 air-japan

Just started my artist-in-residence at IAMAS. 6 months in Japan! wow.

I'll be posting some pictures and short reflections here.

The program is very generous and I'm very grateful and proud that they selected me. www.iamas.ac.jp/E/AIR/about.html

IAMAS stands for Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences / International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences. It's a very nice place with lots of creative people, great facilities and a long history of interesting research/work being done.

photo iamas 1 photo iamas 2 photo iamas 3 photo iamas 4

My studio is very nice. Problem is only what to do with all the empty space. My setup is minimal: computer, soundcard, controller and then I borrow a pair of speakers.

photo iamas studio 1 photo iamas studio 2

View from the studio. It's on the 4th floor in the IAMAS old building. on clear days you can see high beautiful mountains in the distance...

photo iamas view from studio window 1 photo iamas view from studio window 2 photo iamas view from studio window 3

micro_noise2 Batch

2008-05-30 10:24 electronics

Built six more little micro_noise2 synths. So simple yet so noisy and evil sounding.

micro_noise2 present photo 1 micro_noise2 present photo 2 micro_noise2 present photo 3 micro_noise2 present photo 4

June Practice Sessions - Again

2008-05-23 00:36 livecoding

Finally rendered MP3 excerpts of my 31 one hour practice sessions from last year. Music quality varies... the history files are still available at the swiki.



Work with Mark: redUniverse - Video

2008-05-17 00:27 research, supercollider, visuals

Here's a screencast of some of the examples coming with the redUniverse quark.

Some are just simple processes while others are a little bit more 'intelligent' (boids mainly).

TOPLAP on the Radio

2008-05-11 20:56 livecoding

Together with a track by slub, one of my 'live coding practice' tracks can be heard on this radio show...

The Wire On Air: Adventures In Modern Music 01 May 2008



2008-04-13 09:48 electronics

Trying to finish this custom controller before leaving for Japan. Almost ready now - just the casing left to do. It has 5 rotary encoders (endless) with as many push buttons, 2 soft-potentiometers and 3 touch sensors (capacitive). It is built using the brilliant V-USB from Obdev and shows up as a standard HID devices. Small, lightweight and just one cable (USB). Plus it is very cheap to build - see parts list. The biggest cost is the encoders.

I took some inspiration for the design from Kenton's nice but expensive Killamix Mini, but wanted a few different types of controllers and also have them arranged asymmetrically. This so I don't have to look at the device while playing. When I've tried other controllers with evenly spaced knobs, I've often lost track and have had to look down and even start counting knobs to figure out which one I was using. With this layout, I won't have this problem. Also, the layout resembles the shape of my upcoming performance costume redUniform.

Schematics, parts list and firmware are available on the page /hardware/#redkontrollers.

redKontroll photo 4 redKontroll schematics

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