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2008-02-28 16:08 electronics

This is version 2 of a minimal and cheap one-bit synthesizer I developed for the CTM xxxxx-workshops series: one-bit music workshop. Basically, I just changed the hardware and took out one of the potentiometers and lowered the oscillator to 1MHz. Now it sounds a lot different and more chaotic.

monijonsyn2 photo1monijonsyn2 photo2monijonsyn2 photo3monijonsyn2 photo4

monijonsyn2 schematics

Simple one-bit synthesizer based on the ATmega8 chip.


  • 200313: moved the video from Vimeo to here


2008-02-17 18:27 electronics

Finally found some time to build a tiny synth based on a design by SGMK (mechatronicart.ch). So simple and it sounds so good! Evil little thing. I did some modifications: basically one more audio channel with different pots and caps and 2 switches for the LDR.

micro_noise photo1micro_noise photo2micro_noise photo3micro_noise photo4

micro_noise schematics

Based on micro_noise by SGMK - www.mechatronicart.ch modified by /f0 080216


  • 200313: moved the video from Vimeo to here

One-bit Music Workshop

2008-02-06 18:01 electronics

As part of the xxxxx-workshops series at this year's Club Transmediale, I was asked to do a day on one-bit music. This is a very silly way to produce music - basically flipping pins on/off with no amplitude control! But I liked the challenge and for me, limitations like these are needed to get anything done at all. Thanks to Anke, Martin and Derek for organising.

Attached are the slides, Arduino code and schematics we used that day.

The workshop (6-hours short) was divided into 3 parts: first some theory about microcontrollers, AVR programmers and coding in C. Then we used Arduino to prototype some simple synths (bit-bang and PWM techniques). And last we took the Arduino code and burned it onto a standalone ATmega8L chip and built minimal circuits (some buttons, battery, chip, speaker).

If you want to try to do sound synthesis with the Arduino, you might want to check out the files in 1bitmusic_arduino.zip below. This file also includes code for my little synth called monijonsyn.

monijonsyn photo 1 monijonsyn photo 2 monijonsyn photo 3

monijonsyn schematics


Useless SuperCollider Class no.2

2007-12-02 13:58 supercollider

2007 I ported some old Java code from 2001 to SuperCollider. The class (RedConstruct) is available below though note that it's fairly useless. Also available as a MaxMSP external called f0.construct.

redConstruct screenshot 03 redConstruct screenshot 07 redConstruct screenshot 10 redConstruct screenshot 13

Sound and graphics.




2007-11-17 01:11 supercollider

I spent some time porting over 22 of the 35 examples that come with the nice graphical programming environment NodeBox to SuperCollider. (NodeBox is based on Python and specialises in generative graphics.)

If one compares the code for these examples, I think it is obvious how capable SuperCollider is for 2D graphics. It's just as simple as NodeBox and Processing!

Well, some more advanced features are missing at the moment - like reading back paths, image manipulation, bindings to CoreImage, PDF export etc, but simple interactive 2D and animation SuperCollider can handle.

All the ported code lives here...


and also attached as scd.



2007-10-29 15:21 supercollider

Here's a class for SuperCollider that generates perlin noise. I wrote it about a year ago to learn how that works but didn't finish the help file until now.

Some examples of images made with this class...

redPerlin test 2D screenshot

and this is an example from the help file that gives an overview of some settings of 'persistence vs octaves'. The 8 steps of persistence grow from 0.25 to 0.95 left to right. And octaves grows from 2 to 9 bottom to top.

redPerlin many windows 2D screenshot


  • 090523: RedPerlin is now part of the redUniverse quark. Install it with Quarks.install("redUniverse");

f0blog Hacked

2007-10-04 12:09 other

Sorry, this place got hacked and someone overwrote all my media files (snd, pic, vid). I'm travelling atm and it will be a few more weeks until I can access the backup files and restore the archive.


  • 071022: ok everything should now be back in place.
  • 071028: and now updated to Drupal 5.3

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