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2008-04-13 09:48 electronics

Trying to finish this custom controller before leaving for Japan. Almost ready now - just the casing left to do. It has 5 rotary encoders (endless) with as many push buttons, 2 soft-potentiometers and 3 touch sensors (capacitive). It is built using the brilliant V-USB from Obdev and shows up as a standard HID devices. Small, lightweight and just one cable (USB). Plus it is very cheap to build - see parts list. The biggest cost is the encoders.

I took some inspiration for the design from Kenton's nice but expensive Killamix Mini, but wanted a few different types of controllers and also have them arranged asymmetrically. This so I don't have to look at the device while playing. When I've tried other controllers with evenly spaced knobs, I've often lost track and have had to look down and even start counting knobs to figure out which one I was using. With this layout, I won't have this problem. Also, the layout resembles the shape of my upcoming performance costume redUniform.

Schematics, parts list and firmware are available on the page /hardware/#redkontrollers.

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