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redUniverse: Clean-up and some New Features

2010-12-11 04:01 supercollider

clean-up #26:

My redUniverse quark still has a lot of features missing that I want to put in. It is endless work and I only get to it now and then. But at least after today the help files are in a bit better shape, and examples are changed to use animate to run more smoothly (most now look a lot better!).

  • new help files for RedHiddenObject, RedParticle, RedBoid, RedRock, RedFood, RedAgent.
  • slightly changed formatting for almost all the other included help files.
  • wrote addForceWander1D and addForceWander3D methods for RedBoid.
  • wrote addForceAngular3D, pendulumOffset3D, pendulumLoc3D.
  • added 2 boids examples and 1 pendulum to show the new features.
  • changed almost all the other examples to use animate instead of play and to close the window at cmd+.

Here is the complete SVN diff: sourceforge.net/p/quarks/code/1759/

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