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RPi1 as a simple video player

2023-03-23 18:43 visuals

Just some notes while setting up a video looper on an old Raspberry Pi 1...

ssh root@  #edit IP, default password is dietpi
apt-get update
apt-get install openssh-client vlc
usermod -a -G audio,video dietpi
scp mymovie.mp4 dietpi@

Finally log in as user dietpi and set up VLC to autostart...

ssh dietpi@  #edit IP
crontab -l | { cat; echo "@reboot cvlc --loop --audio-desync=-100 mymovie.mp4"; } | crontab -
sudo reboot

This should loop a video file in fullscreen with sound output via HDMI. --audio-desync is optional and can be used to sync the audio to the video track (here audio is adjusted to be 100 milliseconds early). mymovie.mp4 is the file name of your movie.

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