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RPi1 as a simple video player

2023-03-23 18:43 visuals

Just some notes while setting up a video looper on an old Raspberry Pi 1...

ssh root@  #edit IP, default password is dietpi
apt-get update
apt-get install openssh-client vlc
usermod -a -G audio,video dietpi
scp mymovie.mp4 dietpi@

Finally log in as user dietpi and set up VLC to autostart...

ssh dietpi@  #edit IP
crontab -l | { cat; echo "@reboot cvlc --loop --audio-desync=-100 mymovie.mp4"; } | crontab -
sudo reboot

This should loop a video file in fullscreen with sound output via HDMI. --audio-desync is optional and can be used to sync the audio to the video track (here audio is adjusted to be -100 milliseconds early). mymovie.mp4 is the file name of your movie.

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