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Trash or Treasure?

2013-08-07 17:15 electronics

Some weeks ago I found a Canon Pixma MP510 on the street. A "Photo All-in-One with economical single inks that prints, copies or scans in colour". Someone had thrown it away regarding it as a piece of junk. I saw a pile of gold.

Taking it apart I got...

  • four nice motors: two stepper and two DC motors
  • a 33x25 cm piece of glass
  • boxed and reusable 220V power supply
  • a small LCD colour display
  • a scanner head
  • some LEDs
  • five infrared sensors (paper sensors)
  • lots of screws and springs
  • wire and cog belts
  • some switch buttons
  • two USB jacks
  • various other components

canon photo 1 canon dismantled 2 canon parts 3

Alike makezine.com/projects/dont-waste-ewaste-unmaking-a-canon-printerscannerfax-into-parts/

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