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Intel vs PPC

2009-08-11 04:10 supercollider

Something I knew all along but tried to ignore: Many of my noisier synths sound like crap on modern (Intel) macintoshes and some even go all silent. The code below deliberately blows up a resonant hi-pass filter and is typical for how different the same code can sound on my Intel vs my PPC mac. Listen to the attached MP3 files. In a few years, all the PPC computers will be gone and we can't recreate the sounds.

//punk (loud!)

update 090811: Thanks to Batuhan Bozkurt for putting me straight. It's not an Intel vs PPC issue but rather Apple changed something in their internal soundcards. Using a newer (Intel) machine and an external soundcard (Fireface 400), the punk code sounds the same as the PPC version below (i.e good/better in my ears - no autocompression).

So the internal soundcard in my old PowerBook (1GHz, PPC) is robust, filters hardly ever blow up and it doesn't have that automatic compressor/limiter as my newer MacBook Pro (2.16GHz Duo, Intel) internal soundcard.

update 180101: With GlitchRHPF from sc3-plugins and some clipping one can get the original sound back...

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