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2008-08-11 05:48 supercollider

RedMst, RedTrk, RedTrk2 and RedSeq are a set of SuperCollider classes that I now finally cleaned up and released. I wrote them about a year ago and have been using them for live performances since then. They function as sort of a timeline and the basic idea is to sequence code in a very simple way.

The master keeps track of when some tracks should play and then switches them on/off with .play and .stop at the right time (next quant beat, default= 4). A track can be any code that responds to these two messages (Pbind, BBCut2, Pdef, Routine, etc).

redMst is distributed as a quark. See Quarks help file for more info on how to install.


and then recompile SuperCollider and open the RedMst help file.

Screenshot of the RedMstGUI3 example...

But RedMst can of course also be used totally without any GUI.

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