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2009-04-06 15:48 electronics, supercollider

A custom wireless system built for Craftwife. The LEDs are to be sewn into real ties. There are 6 red LEDs per receiver and each led can be dynamically controlled (PWM 0-255). All receivers run on battery (AA 3.6V lithium) and keep in contact with the transmitter using 2.4GHz wireless transceivers (Nordic nRF24L01+). The maximum working distance is about ~80m (line of sight).

The transmitter talks to SuperCollider via the RedTieMaster and RedTieSlave classes (USB-Serial 115200 baud).

Schematics, firmware, partlist and SuperCollider classes attached below (GNU GPL v2)

redTie transmitter and receivers...

redTie circuits photo1 redTie circuits photo2 redTie circuits photo3 redTie circuits photo4 redTie circuits photo5 redTie circuits photo6 redTie circuits photo7 redTie circuits photo8

Leds on ribbon cable...

redTie LEDs photo1 redTie LEDs photo2 redTie LEDs photo3 redTie LEDs photo4

Total cable length: 135cm, distance between LEDs: 4cm

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