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Traer Physics Library for SuperCollider

2012-11-27 23:59 supercollider

A while ago I started porting the Java/Processing library TRAER.PHYSICS 3.0 by Jeffrey Traer Bernstein to SuperCollider. It's a simple and elegant particle system and a physics engine all in one. There are already ports to ActionScript3, JavaScript and C++ (Cinder), but I haven't seen anyone working with it in SuperCollider yet. so I had a go - both to learn more and to have an alternative to my own physics library quark redUniverse.

It is now finished and released as a quark. This is the initial version and there might still be bugs. I _did see SuperCollider crash once in a strange way after spawning lots of particles, so watch out for memory leaks.

To install it run the following code and recompile SuperCollider...

//and then recompile and open the help file TraerPhysicsOverview

I also wrote a few simple examples to go along with the help files. Here's a screenshot of one...

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